Table 6

On Sunday nights we're usually pretty slow, so we only have three servers. Normally this is more than enough, but this Sunday night, one of the other waitresses was sick. So there were only two of us. For 20 tables, not including the bar and counter. Of course this is the night we get really busy...but the real fun started when we were getting ready to close.

Ten minutes before we were going to lock the doors, I got two new tables. One was an incomplete party waiting for two more guests. I told them that we were going to be closing the kitchen in ten minutes. The reply I got, "Well, if we'd been told that when we walked in, we would've walked right back out."

My other party was all there. There was four of them and they ordered quickly and were really cool about it.

The other party was finally complete and they also ordered very quickly.

Then I took out the food.

The previously incomplete party was entirely happy and very nice. The lady who was rude apologized and said, "Sometimes, when I'm really hungry, I can be a real bitch. I'm so sorry if I was rude." Everything was cool.

The other table wanted extra gravy. The cooks had to get some from the back and warm it in the microwave, stir it so it warmed evenly and didn't get gross. This takes about three minutes. In that time, I tried to get some sidework done. I was wiping some stuff down, when the girl who'd asked for the gravy got up and started waving her arms frantically. I said I silent prayer that a fly hadn't fallen in her mashed potatoes. When I got there she said, "Hi, remember us? We're waiting for gravy? Or are you too busy cleaning to bother with us?" I apologized for her wait, explained the kitchen had been closed and it was going to take a couple extra minutes. I also asked if there was anything else I could do for them while they waited. They said everything was fine. I went and got the gravy, brought it to the table and the girl said, "My friend needs more wine." I smiled politely, asked if anyone else needed a refill while I was there and went to get the wine after everyone, again, said they were fine. When I dropped off the wine, The Girl's boyfriend took his iced tea from behind the dessert menu and said, "I need some more tea." I didn't smile, I didn't ask, I just went to get tea. My manager was standing near the pitcher of tea, while I filled it I told her how Table 6 was intentionally running me. She agreed it was fucked up and I when I dropped off the tea, I heard The Girl say, "If she didn't spend so much time talking to her friends, maybe I would try to be nicer."

At least her friends realized she was being a bitch too.

The previously incomplete party left when they were done eating, thanked everyone for sticking around for them, and tipped very generously.

Table 6 stayed until my manager asked them to leave, complained that we close too early, and left $3.

I hate people sometimes.