This is an old one...before the days when I had a blog to vent.

Table 7 (or somewhere over there by the windows; like I said, it's an old story)

A young couple in their early 20's were having a late breakfast. The girl ordered a vegetarian burrito with vegetarian green chili. The young man then ordered,*
"I'd like the two egg breakfast."
"How'd you like your eggs?"
"Homefries and toast, french toast, pancakes or biscuits and gravy?"
"Does your gravy have pork in it?"
"Yes, sir. It does have sausage in it."
*makes face* "Pancakes."
"Okay, would you like any meat with that?"
"What kind of meat?"
"Bacon, ham, sausage links or patties."
"Do you have anything that isn't pork?"
"We do, we also have..."
"Because I don't eat pork."
"Okay...well you could have...."
"I'd rather not go to hell."
"Well sir, you don't have to eat anything with pork in I was trying to say, we do have other meats."
"I'm muslim. I believe seriously that if you eat pork you will go to hell. Do you eat pork?"
"Yes sir, but I'm not muslim."
"That doesn't matter you're going to hell in my eyes."
"I'll take that to mean you'd rather not do meat with your eggs?"

His pancakes were grilled on the same grill as other peoples sausage and bacon...I wonder if by not telling him this I damned him to an enternity of hellfire?

I sure hope so.

*I've tried to recreate the conversation as faithfully as possible, but a word or two may be off.