Alright. It's been almost a week since my last update...That in no way means that I've had no asshole customers, I've just been busy...watching TV and drinking coffee.

From Friday 10/21

Table 41

Two people who chose to sit in smoking, rather than wait five minutes for a table in non. When they were sat, the WHOLE restaurant was full, including 2/3rds of the smoking section and the whole bar. They were told it would take a minute for their server to get to them. Three minutes later when I did get to them, they complained about the wait...and the smoke. The host informed me a table was being cleaned off and if they wanted they could move. They declined. I took their order, along with four others, put them all in and ran to make drinks. Busy, busy, blah, blah. Their food came up while I happened to be standing next to the window. I took it to them right away and asked if they needed anything else. At the moment, they were okay, so I left them to their food. The other four orders came up in quick succession, taking another 10 minutes of so to get out in their entirety. I then checked back on Table 41. I gave them refills and confirmed that everything was okay and they needed nothing else. Drinks were made, more food was taken out and another ten minutes passes before I checked back in on 41.

And now the story changes. The woman is VERY upset. "I'm a regular here and never have I had such bad service." I'm taken a bit aback, as they've not seemed upset at all up to this point, "I'm sorry ma'am. What was wrong, and is there anything I can do for you now?" "I've just never had such bad service." "Okay...well, would you rather speak to my manager about this?" I thought maybe she hadn't answered because she didn't want to upset me, or maybe she was too cowardly to say something to my face. "Now, why do I got to talk to your manager. Can't you talk to me about you not being a good waitress?" "I'm sorry you found your service to be lacking. Let me go get my manager." I had to walk away. I couldn't figure out how to respond to her. I told Anthony (my manager) about the table and asked him to go talk to her. Instead, he watched some college football on TV. Finally she came up to the register and talked to Anthony. She told him, "She's had nothing but a bad attitude since the minute we sat down. Trying to get us to go sit somewhere else and rolling her eyes at us every chance she gets. Then I try to talk to her about it and she gets all uppity and rude. She's rude and stuck-up."

Now, in my life I've been called a LOT of things, but this is the first time I've ever been called "stuck-up".

For her talk of being a 'regular', I've worked five nights a week for the past eight months straight, and I've never seen her in that restaurant before.