This is not my story; but it's being told with permission.

Table 6

Most people leave a tip for their server on the table. I've always found it odd when people seem worried enough about their tip to make sure to hand it to their server directly. Tonight, I realized why that could be important. There was $7 sitting on Table 6 between the ketchup bottles; the host sat a young woman at Table 6, left to get her a carafe of water and when he came back to give it to her, he saw her count the money, take the five out, unzip her purse and stuff it in. He went up to her gave her the water and said, "Excuse, there was $7 on this table, what happened to the rest?" (I was standing near him and heard this exchange) "Oh. I was trading the five for some ones." She unzips her purse and pulls out four ones and four quarters, tosses them on the table and says, "Are you trying to accuse me of something?" Then he told her, "Well, I saw you put it in your purse and I just wasn't sure....I just wanted to make sure the server got her money." The woman stood up, grabbed her purse and nearly screamed, "You were watching me?! How dare you just stand there and watch someone without their knowledge. Are you some kind of pervert?! I'm not hungry anymore." And she left.

It was really weird.