October 13th

This will be my venting zone. Here you will here about the worst customers that I've had to serve during my most recent shift...or occasionally, I'll throw in an old story or someone else's terrible experience. Um...Yeah.

So, tonight's worst table was TABLE 2.

They sat down, and waited at their table for about 2 minutes. I was putting in another tables order and getting extra napkins and such for yet another table, so I couldn't get to them right away.

The guy gets up, goes to the counter and asks (very loudly), "Is there anybody that works here?"

The hostess tells him someone will be right with him and apologizes.

I get over there, apologize for the wait, tell them the specials, and ask if they're ready to order.

He says, "Hell, I just sat down, can't you give me a minute to look at the menu?"

So, I walk away, get their drinks and come back to the table about 45 seconds later. He's sitting there with his menu closed and just starting at me like I just told him his mom sucks cock for gas money on Colfax.

"Darlin', maybe you don't know how to take a joke, but I was ready to order the last time you were here." I have absolutely no reply. The guy hadn't sounded like he was joking he was looking at the menu when he said it...anyway. So I get their order and take out their food.

He had a coney dog and she had a cup of chili. She *looks* at her chili and says, "This is too cold. Can you have them put it in the microwave for me?" I ask if they need anything else and walk away. I'm warming the chili when the guy walks the servers line and says, "You done with that yet?" I just take it out and give it to him. It was in there about 10 seconds, but fuck him and his obese wife.

I take out the food to the other table, they're happy and nice...and then I walk past Table 2, the guys *grabs* my arm and asks for more chili for his hotdog.

After I give him his chili I ask if they need anything else and drop off the check. The guy says everything was fine, he smiles and says, "Sorry about all the trouble. You were great."

Then...when he's on his way out the door. He stops at the cashier stand and asks to speak to a manager. He then tells the manager that I was rude, his food was cold and I never came back to check on them. The manager apologizes and gives them a discount card for next time. The guy says he left the bill on the table. Which he did, though he paid with a check. Even though on the bill it says no checks, on the door it says no checks, at the register it says no checks.

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