Table 6

They sat down at 4:15 p.m. They ordered a beer each and said they were going to wait to order food.

They ordered their next beers at 5:30. And had yet to even open their menus.

At 6:15 they ordered chips and salsa.

At 6:50 they ordered one more beer.

7:15. I get cut from the floor (that means I get to finish my sidework and go home, for those non-waitstaff folks) and they order food.

7:20 They get their food.

7:22. They ask for to-go boxes.

7:50 They complain to the cashier that the last beer wasn't half-price like the happy hour beers. They complain that they had to pay for chips and salsa. The guy even complained that the booth made his back hurt.

They took the table for 3 hours, spent hardly any money ($21) and then complained about pretty much everything. To put the icing on the cake they tipped $2. Which, granted is almost 10%...but still that booth could've sat five or six table in the time they spent there.

It was all just very irritating.


Shmeder said...

I think Satan stated awhile ago where you work. I've only been there a few times but the first time was very disturbing for me. I sat a watched while the mother at the table next to me let her son eat all the butter out of the little tubs they were given with their meal. It took all my strength (I didn't have much I was hungover) not to say anything or run to the bathroom and hurl.

Satan™ said...

It's good eating over there. You should go back.

Shmeder said...

I still go often.

Dave said...

These are the stories that remind me why I never went into this industry. I'd have been tried and hung by know for the pain I would have inflicted upon these people.