This story isn't quite my usual style, but hopefully you'll still find it amusing.

We serve Heinz Malt Vinegar with our fish & chips. ^ This is what the bottle looks like.

Both guests at Table 12 had ordered the fish and chips. After I brought their food, I took a bottle of malt vinegar out of my apron and placed it on the table.

The woman says, "I didn't order any beer." Which makes me smile because it's funny to me, and I tell her, "That's not beer, that's malt vinegar..." (I was about to follow up with, "it's for your fish and chips." but she cut me off with...) "I don't care if it's not considered 'beer' because it's malt liquor, I didn't order it. And I don't want it on the bill." It takes considerable strength for me to hold back a giggle, but I pick up the bottle and show her the word VINEGAR and explain it's for her food and we don't charge for it, so she shouldn't have to worry about her bill.

It was all very funny.

Looking back on it later, I couldn't help but wonder if this woman has had previous experience with waitresses who carry beer in their aprons. And that just made it funnier for me.


Satan™ said...

If you're going to order Fish and Chips, you should know that it is traditionally served with Malt vinegar. That's on par with "I don't want that disgusting tomato paste anywhere near my french fries." People are t3h dumbzorz.

Dave said...

Keep that cow udder fluid away from my cereal!!