Forget the flu, Stupidity is far more contagious.

Questions I was asked today:

"Is there meat in the 'guy-row' sandwich?" *correct answer: Yes, gyro meat!*

After being asked how he wants his patty melt cooked, "Just grilled is okay. Or do you deep-fry them?" *correct answer: medium well*

"A margarita sounds good, but I do they all have tequila in them?" *I'm sure they have tequila-less margaritas somewhere, but I've yet to have one...unless you count a daquiri, those are kinda like margaritas*

"What kind of soup do you have tonight?" "I'm sorry, we're all out of soup." "Oh, well, do you have any chicken noodle?" "No, sir I'm sorry, we are out of soup." "Oh. Do you have any broth left?" "No, sir. We're all out."

"Look John, they have two stores. We'll have to try the one in Aurora." John repies, "This is the one in Aurora." Woman, as I pass the table, "Excuse me, miss, is this the Aurora restaurant or the Denver restaurant?" *I could've pointed to the sign across the street that says, "Now Entering Aurora", but I just politely told her we were in Aurora and the other store is downtown.*

All in one night.


Dave said...

When I was the entertainment editor at the Boulder Weekly, I got roped into manning a booth for the paper at a trade show in Boulder. For three hours, I gave out Boulder Weekly swag--mini swiss army knives, pens, shirts and copies of our most recent edition of the paper. Behind me was a 6' X 4' Banner with giant block lettering that said, "Boulder Weekly." Invariably, about once every 15 minutes, some putz would walk up to me, look at the banner, pick up some swag and a copy of the paper and then ask quizzically, "How often is the paper published?"

Shmeder said...

Fucking hilarious!

brandy said...

That's awesome Dave.

When I worked at the video store my life was so a scene from Clerks. People would walk up to the wall with the blinking lights and giant sign that said "New Releases" and ask where the new release section was.

I wonder how these people can function in their normal every day lives, sometimes.