Table 6

They walk in at 8:50. They know we close in ten minutes, so they order quickly. Though, Lady A is a bit upset we're out of baked potatoes and soup. She settles for mashed potatoes and a salad. Everything's all right.

They're done eating and Lady B calls me over to the table. She asks me, "Do you speak English?" I reply that I do and ask what I can do for her. She points at the bus girl who is pulling out the tables and sweeping underneath. "Tell her to stop sweeping." Now, they're done eating and the bus girl isn't sweeping near their just to clarify, I ask, "I'm sorry, you want her to stop sweeping altogether?" "Yeah, I want her to stop sweeping. She kickin' up dust all over here." I tell Laby B that she does have to sweep right now, but she can go to another section of the resturant, if that's okay. "Whatever. That's better than nothing anyway." So, I ask the bus girl to go to the front of the restaurant instead. As I'm walking back to finish my sidework, Lady B stops me again and asks to see my manager.

She tells him exactly what I've just told you, but she adds that I looked at her "like she was stupid or something", I rolled my eyes, and I said something rude about her in Spanish to the bus girl.

I don't even speak Spanish...and I never roll my eyes at a customer when they can see me.

They got 20% off their bill and I was told to stop "havin' so much damn attitude".

*rolls eyes*

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