Table 6

The Old Man and The Old Woman were glaring at each other when I walked up to get their drink order. He asked for coffee and she asked for "A variety of teas, two tins of hot water, three lemons, a carafe of water- no ice, a glass of ice and two straws." I told her that I can't bring her a variety of teas, but I would tell her what we have and she can make her choice. I then listed all 10 types of tea. She said I "talk too fast" and asked me to tell her again, this time "slowly, clearly and louder". So I did. Then she said, "If you would just bring me two tea bags of every kind, like I want, I would be able to choose." I tell her again, we are not allowed to bring more than two tea bags to any customer. And she asks me to tell her again what we have. She made a decision that time and I went to go get their drinks.

I tell a co-worker what a gem I have at Table 6...but my co-worker already knew. She had went out to get something from her car when Table 6 was on their way in. The Old Woman was complaining to The Old Man about his driving as they walked up the stairs...and as they walked in the door...and as they waited for a table.

I get back to the table to see if they're ready to order. The Old Man asks about the specials. I tell him that I don't know them yet, as the manager hasn't put them up (on the board) yet, but I'll go check with her. To which The Old Woman replies, "The Dinner Specials Should Be Up Before Dinner. You need to tell your manager that." I go check on the specials, not telling my manager anything because it's only 4:30, which I don't really consider "Dinner". I get back to the table, tell them the specials and then The Old Man asks about the prices. I apologize and tell him that I don't know because the manager didn't tell me when she told me what the specials were going to be. The Old Woman says, "I'm very upset right now. It's a sign of poor customer service to not find out all the information your customer will need. Don't you know anything about service? The Customer Is Always Right, and right now I'm upset." I go back and find out the prices of the specials, go back to Table 6, tell them the prices and take their order. Their order does not include any specials.

When I brought out The Old Woman's salad, with dressing on the side, one drop of dressing had spilled out of the cup onto the lettuce about which she complained before dumping the whole cup of dressing onto the salad. Then she asked for more dressing.

When I brought out their food she complained that she hadn't finished her salad and there was too much gravy on her mashed potatoes.

After The Old Woman is done eating every last bite of her food (including sopping up her gravy with her toast) she complains that her food was "cold, over-cooked and practically tasteless". I'd checked on them twice while they were eating and she'd never said a word.

I have to say, it was all worth my fifty cent tip. < /sarcasm>

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Dave said...

I wish I was filthy rich so I could pay people to let me punch them in the face. She'd be one of those people.