Table 44

When I asked them what they wanted to drink, she replied, "Vater, vith ice. Lemon on ze side. Not. On ze rim. On. Ze. Side." Okay...
When I came back, I asked if they were ready to order and she said, "First I have question. You have turkey burger?" I replied, "No, but we do have a black-bean patty that you can substitute at no extra charge." "So, all you have iz meat?" "No, like I said, while we don't have a turkey burger, but we do have the vegetarian black-bean patty." " ' like you said' Tha'z not vat I asked. Get for me, the pork sandvich. He'll have chicken club. And two salads, a light dressing. On. The. Zide."
I bring the salads, with dressing on the side to the table and she says, "Vy, ven you are not busy does it take almost three minutes for just a salad? I'm practically starved."
When I bring out their food, she laughed. Literally, laughed. "Oh, such plate presentation. Colorado iz so quaint."

It took all of my strength not to hit that bitch. Maybe I was over-sensitive or something, but she really pissed me off.


Dave said...

Here's my fist. On. Ze. Zide. Of your face. Bitch.

Satan™ said...

The way you describe them, they sound like evil Germans plotting an embassy bombing at a cafe in Paris.

Dave said...

A Canadian airman bailed out of his bomber, but not before receiving severe wounds. After the German medics fixed him up, removing a leg in the process, he pleaded with them to fly the leg over England on the next German bombing mission and drop it on the field where he used to be based so that it could be sent home to his family. The Germans, gentlemanly to wounded airmen, agreed.

Then gangrene set in and his other leg had to be amputated. He asked for it to also be flown over and dropped on England, and again the Germans agreed. Shortly afterward, the wound in his arm became infected and he was told they might have to amputate that, too. When he made his usual request, the medical people were suddenly hustled out of the room and a black-uniformed Gestapo officer stomped in. "We refuse to send your arm to England," he said. The Canadian, astounded, asked why not.

The Gestapo officer looked at him a long time before finally replying, "We think you are trying to escape."

brandy said...

I love that joke dave!