Table 41

I saw the host seat Table 41 and followed him with a carafe of water. I set it on the table as he gave them their menus. I greeted them with my standard, "Good evening, ladies. How are you today? *pause appropriately* Glad to hear it. Could I start you off with a coffee, coke, margarita or an iced tea?"
Mother: "We have only just walked in the door. We have no idea what we'll be drinking tonight. It's very rude for that to be the first question out of your mouth. We will need more time."
*smile* "I understand you'll need a few minutes. I'd just like to point out my first question was to ask how you were. I'll go ahead and give you a some time."
Daughter: "Excuse me, miss? I'm sorry, could I have an iced tea? That sounds really good."
"Of course, I'll be right back." I took about 45 seconds to get an order from a single gentleman sitting at a counter seat, then I filled the iced tea and brought it to the table.

Mother: "It doesn't look busy. There are a lot of empty tables"
"It's not quite dinner time yet; we'll fill up soon. Would you prefer a bigger booth?"
Mother: "No. I was just wondering why, if it's not busy it took you so long to get back to take our order?"
They hadn't even been in the restaurant a full five minutes yet and the bitch is complaining .
"I apologize for the wait. I'll go ahead and take your order now so you won't have to wait any longer, if you'd like."
Mother: "We'll share your chicken nachos. Chili on the side. No guacamole. A Large, did you get that, LARGE? salsa. I want the cheese melt-ed, not like it is sometimes where it's just shredded cheese tossed on there, MELT-ED. Jalepenos, so they're noticeable. I want to actually be able to taste them. Light on the lettuce and extra tomatoes. And a sour cream for each of us."
"Sounds great, I'll get that in right now and out to you as soon as possible. Did you decide if you'd like a drink?"
Mother: "Yes, I will need a coke. I'm surprised you remembered to ask."
*smile and walk away to do a million other things*

About ten minutes later, I'm crazy busy putting in orders from the bar getting out food to people that ordered before Table 41 and drinks and orders from people that have come in since Table 41 arrived. My manager is helping out and runs my food to Table 41. Everything came up exactly how they wanted. He said me, "They said no one ever got it right before. Hahaha. You're good girl." Which really did make me smile.

Then *I* go to check on Table 41 myself just to make sure they're happy.

Mother: "The cheese was melted, but it was still somehow cold. And she got more sour cream than I did, so I'll need another one. And could you do me a favor and ask the cooks how old these chips are? They taste stale. Eventually, I'll need another coke, but could you ask your manager to get it for me? He's so nice and he actually seems to care about what we need."
"I'm sorry, was there something you needed that I didn't get for you?"
*Mother stuffs a handful of chips in her mouth instead of answering me*
Daughter: "No, actually, you've been wonderful."
"Thank you very much. I'll have Anthony come back by with your sour cream and soda in a minute."

I went to the manager and relayed the previous exchange to him. He agreed that Mother was a bitch and took her some sour cream and a coke.

When they went to pay and the host asked how their dinner had been the Mother said, "Everything was perfect. You're lucky to work with a such a great manager. He got our order just right."


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